A digital transformation for DekaMarkt

A digital transformation for DekaMarkt
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The challenge

In a world where time is scarce and attention is a precious commodity, DekaMarkt has a mission to pay attention to everything they do. From products to people and the local community. DekaMarkt stands for service, convenience, and affordable food. DekaMarkt: “Smakelijk eten”.

The challenge involves analyzing and understanding the changing needs of the customer, who seeks time, service, and convenience. DekaMarkt uses digital marketing and applications to fulfill these needs and optimize the customer journey.

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Customer-Centric approach

DekaMarkt recognizes that the customer is constantly evolving and that there is a need to orient through various channels and then shop in the store with more ease and loyalty. Customers want to be inspired and, at the same time, enjoy DekaMarkt's familiar service and attention. This supports both online and offline.
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The solution

DekaMarkt focuses on a digital strategy that addresses the complete customer journey, where customers are served with attention at all times: from inspiration to aftercare. Digital marketing and applications are used to enhance and personalize the customer journey.

High, realistic, and necessary ambitions drive innovation and customer satisfaction at DekaMarkt. The intensive collaboration with Snakeware has a significant impact here.

Jeffrey PeerenboomDigital Manager DekaMarkt

Innovative collaboration between DekaMarkt and Snakeware

DekaMarkt and Snakeware continuously build inspiration through multidisciplinary and agile collaboration. We combine knowledge and strengths and create dynamic teams with fresh ideas. The focus is on strengthening the DekaMarkt proposition and using the latest digital trends, tools, and technologies to increase customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of collaboration

The intensive collaboration between DekaMarkt and Snakeware results in constant visibility towards the customer and rapid implementation of innovations and new functionalities. This keeps DekaMarkt a supermarket where more and more customers shop happily, with a focus on the convenience of digital support in shopping according to user needs.


This case illustrates the successful digital transformation of DekaMarkt, with a customer-centric approach and the improvement of the customer journey through digital marketing and applications. The intensive collaboration between DekaMarkt and Snakeware has led to innovation, growth, and meeting customer needs. DekaMarkt remains true to its mission to pay attention to everything they do, both online and offline.