The future-proof online store for Poiesz Supermarket

A refreshing online shopping experience for the supermarket of the north

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The challenge

A gem in the northern Netherlands, surrounded by vast nature, rich culture, and a results-oriented approach. Over 100 years ago, the Poiesz family business started in Sneek, the beautiful waterside city in the heart of the North. As the only independent supermarket chain in the region, Poiesz understands like no other what's happening in the North.

With the growing digital trend, there was a need for an online presence that was just as pride-inducing as their physical stores.

Poiesz faced the challenge of translating their successful regional approach into a modern web store. The goal was to create an optimized online shopping experience for their customers.

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A PWA for a seamless experience on every channel and device

Customers don't just shop at Poiesz; they experience a unique regional journey. Poiesz understands the unique needs of its customers and has in-depth knowledge of local culture, language, and customs. Snakeware's task was to create a contemporary online store that reflects Poiesz's unique identity and meets the desires of local customers.
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Poiesz offers

The solution

For Poiesz, an accessible and flexible progressive web app (PWA) was developed. With this PWA, we combine the best of both worlds: the simplicity of the web and the power of an app.

With the PWA, we have a market-compliant and future-proof web store that we are proud of.

Sander AbmaE-commerce manager Poiesz Supermarkten

Discovering digital growth together with Poiesz for Over 10 Years

Together with Poiesz, we have experienced over 10 years of digital growth thanks to our commitment, openness, and close collaboration. This long-standing relationship between Poiesz Supermarkets and Snakeware is based on a flexible approach and proactive behavior, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes in the retail market.


Thanks to this successful and well-functioning partnership, Poiesz Supermarkets and Snakeware can continue to strive for delivering an excellent digital experience to Poiesz Supermarkets' customers. Snakeware's agility and energetic approach are essential factors contributing to the success and effectiveness of the joint efforts.

In this case, you can read how the unique regional identity of Poiesz Supermarket has been successfully translated into a modern, future-proof web store through the long-standing and fruitful collaboration with Snakeware. The new web store provides customers with a seamless online shopping experience while preserving Poiesz's regional character. A prime example of digital growth and success in the retail market.

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