Service Design is a multidisciplinairy process

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Service Design: the process of value creation

It is a process in which participants collaborate multidisciplinarily based on problem analysis to arrive at effective solutions.

The steps we take in this process are:


  • Mapping out the problem
  • Gathering ideas and creating sketches
  • Making choices and eliminating options
  • Subsequently, we develop the idea into a prototype
  • After testing with the user group, we refine and introduce it

What is Service Design

Everything starts with gaining insight into the ups and downs of the client. What drives this organization? What values are important to the target audience? What are the challenges, and what do we aim to achieve? When we gain clarity on what an organization wants to stand for and its cultural ambition, it's crucial to determine how the environment perceives this. This helps us identify the gap we need to bridge. Through methods such as post-it sessions and using canvases like the Empathy Canvas and brainwriting, ideas are concretely mapped out, enhancing productivity. It's essential to go through this Service Design process from multiple disciplines within the organization, involving employees from various fields. This strengthens the content and creates a compelling story for stakeholders and financiers by translating abstract ideas into tangible prototypes. Concrete optimization possibilities drive the continuous development of an existing product. They also foster enthusiasm and involvement. You become one team, working together towards a final result. After a Design Thinking session, everyone is on the same page, generating the energy to move forward with it.

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What does Service Design bring to your organization?

Service Design enables you to swiftly progress from your problem statement to an actual prototype in a relatively short period. This can be presented to the users.

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