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UX Research: contributes to creating experiences

A website encompasses much more than a group of pages interconnected through internal links. From a UX Research perspective, a website should be seen as an interface, an imaginary space where various aspects converge. In essence, it's the organization or company behind the website and the visitor virtually meeting through the website. This should lead to such a digital interaction between the visitor and the organization that it creates an experience for the visitor. In this so-called User Experience, the focus is on creating the optimal user experience. UX Research is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction by generating a wow-effect and providing an optimal experience and usage of the site through the digital elements that constitute the website. In other words, pages with such a look and feel and content that the visitor perceives it as a total experience with the organization. UX Research contributes to creating this.

The importance of UX Research

A successful concept based on UX Research aligns with the message you want to convey to the target audience and the feeling they should take away from it. With relevant functionality and strong, inspiring content, it is crucial to exceed expectations through UX Research. UX Research begins with studying the target audience: Who are they? In what context will they use the website, and what do we expect them to do? This way, we always make the experience the guiding factor in our design decisions.

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What is the output of UX research?

In line with the philosophy of UX Research, at Snakeware, we translate ideas into concepts and visualizations. Interaction, graphic design, and content are all part of this process. We assess a concept early on and fine-tune it based on feedback from the target audience. The prototype we create and deploy in this process is valuable because it resembles a functioning website or shop. Strong content, comprising visuals and text in the right tone of voice, is crucial for a successful user experience.

UX Research will lead to: 

  • More relevant traffic from the target audience.
  • Better allocation of resources and efficient budget utilization.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
Boost your results with te implementation of our UX research

We are pleased to offer a review of your current website. Please reach out to us for an enlightening and inspiring discussion about UX Research and experience the results.