Visual Design contributes to a strong brand image

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Visual Design: Strenghtening the brand

A brand with ambition needs to distinguish itself. In this regard, Design plays an essential role. Visual design encompasses a wide range of digital assets that carry the brand's message. The positioning and appearance lead to a strong image and a powerful brand. Consistent application of Visual Design across all digital assets will strengthen this. This includes the website, social media profiles, intranet, and narrowcasting, as well as email signatures, presentations, and newsletters.

The foundation of Visual Design

The foundation is formed by the logo and color scheme, and typography also plays a crucial role. However, it goes much further than these elements. It involves the layout, composition, photography style, and the use of icons. These ingredients are documented in the Brand Identity and digitally translated into a Design System.

Why Visual Design?

Snakeware assists organizations in creating all visual expressions related to branding, positioning, styling, and corporate identity. Whether it's about photography, illustration, animation, color usage, typography, icons, or graphic design, we proactively collaborate with our clients to create a toolkit that maximizes the brand's visual strength. In other words, we craft the brand identity, the brand concept, and the brand experience while ensuring they are in harmony. The result is that what is essential for the organization and the brand is consistently perceived in all communications—a total brand experience, from brand values to brand positioning, from brand promise to brand story, from tone of voice to Visual Design.

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Visual Design for your organization?

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