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Social Intranet: Supports collaboration among employees

Many parties offer a social intranet. What exactly is it? What can you do with it, how do you ensure its success, and what do you need to do to build and secure a functional and social intranet in your company or organization?

With the growing popularity of the internet and online software applications in the 1990s, we developed the first intranets for our clients on Snakeware.Cloud. They were functionally designed and could be easily managed by editors using our CMS. Nowadays, you can't avoid having a social intranet, but it still needs to be functional.

What is an intranet and why does it need to be social?

Halverwege de jaren negentig, zo’n beetje tijdens de beginjaren van Snakeware, begon het wereldwijde web explosief te groeien. Er ontstond behoefte aan afgescheiden stukje internet, bijvoorbeeld alleen bestemd voor medewerkers binnen een bedrijf of organisatie. Het traditionele intranet werd zo ontwikkeld voor het optimaliseren van de interne informatievoorziening. Hierbij ging het vaak om eenrichtingsverkeer, statische content en top-down communicatie vanuit het management naar de medewerkers. Wij boden met onze intranetten op basis van Snakeware.Cloud al snel uitkomst door CMS-managed content, interactie en contact met medewerkers toe te voegen via bijvoorbeeld fora, marktplaatsen, chatfuncties en reviews. Dit waren veelal maatwerkmodules. Er was nog geen integratie met social media en social software, zoals we dat vandaag de dag kennen middels de vele soorten en maten social media platforms en software die via API’s beschikbaar zijn. 

How the intranet became social

Soon, specific social media platforms emerged, and we began using them massively worldwide, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Teams, Slack, and Clubhouse have also joined the mix. They largely determine how we communicate and interact with each other. Technology is now user-friendly, accessible, and incredibly enjoyable to use. In this context, intranets had no choice but to become social. In a social intranet - also known as a social digital workplace or digital knowledge platform - interaction is at its core. 'Social' refers to the complete integration of social capabilities, information, and processes, with the aim of working together virtually - efficiently.


Information is no longer thrown over the metaphorical wall; a social intranet is much more like a platform where employees can communicate with each other, just like on Facebook and Twitter. You can also maintain your network and connect with colleagues, other departments, or groups with similar interests.

What is a social intranet?

A social intranet is an online platform accessible to everyone within the company or organization. It is dynamic and focused entirely on interaction. User information needs take center stage, as users determine which information is useful to them. Thus, the social intranet is a digital workplace that supports employees in their daily tasks. It encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration, allowing users to work independently and efficiently. In the quest for organizations to keep up with the times while finding ways to increase employee creativity and productivity, a social intranet is the solution. It's the holy grail of productivity and collaboration.

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Make a social intranet easy, accessible, and enjoyable

A social intranet contributes to the organizational objectives by enabling interaction in an easy and accessible way. Moreover, it makes work more enjoyable and connecting with colleagues easier!


The social intranet is the place where information relevant to employees is available. You can access it through your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, allowing you to work independently of time, location, and device. Sharing a new idea or asking a question is quick and easy, just like you would on social media. This helps you do your work better and faster.

Efficiency with the social intranet

With a social intranet, you save time by easily tapping into existing knowledge. Employees can also get assistance more quickly with their questions or issues, for example, through a helpdesk or troubleshooting function, or by receiving feedback from colleagues. Employees gain access to knowledge they might not have found otherwise.

The success of your social intranet

Social is the new normal. However, the success of your social intranet depends on how it is used. The implementation may be even more critical than the technology itself. Ensure that the features of your social intranet align with the information needs of your employees. With proper guidance, you also ensure that employees can, want to, and dare to work with the social intranet. This results in improved collaboration, transparency, and trust. Your social intranet becomes an indispensable element of your business operations.

Looking for a future-proof social intranet?

For a successful, future-proof company or organization, a social intranet can provide significant added value. Fortunately, you don't have to build your social intranet from scratch. Since 1995, we have been creating software, a CMS platform, and integrating social and functional intranets through (API) connections.


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