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How to create good content

Good content informs, inspires, and engages the reader. You want the reader to see the added value of your company and meet their needs. It's also important to make an impact with the message you're conveying. Ensure that the reader or viewer becomes engaged in your story by using "power words" – words that create an impact. Words like "speed," "money," or "risk."


Here are 3 additional tips for creating good content:


Address the reader or viewer with the right tone of voice.

Determine whether an informal or formal message suits the topic and the reader or viewer.


Make your content easy to scan.

Use subheadings, bullet points, and links to make your content visually appealing.


Creativity and effort pay off!

Let your ideas flow freely and put effort into your content. This way, you create something unique that resonates with the reader or viewer.

Definition of Content

Content is a term frequently used in the marketing and communication world. When you hear the word "content," you often think of online materials like web content, images, and videos on social media. However, even an advertisement in a bus shelter is a form of content. In the marketing world, content refers to the substance or materials used in various forms. This can include the content of a blog, a website, an event, or a video. These materials typically consist of text, images, sound, or a combination thereof.

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A content strategy is a great idea

Content is king, and it's much more than just a form of communication. With your content, you want to create a sense of experience, share expertise, quickly deliver promotions to your customers, and more. A good content strategy is part of your external branding. A content plan helps you clarify your goals, content, and channel choices and select the right call-to-action (CTA) for them.


The first step is to analyze and update your existing content. From this, you can learn which content works well with your readers or viewers. You can extract relevant keywords that help you create new content. Next, decide which content you want to distribute through which channels and who is responsible for creating and disseminating it. The last step is to create an annual plan with themes, specifying when each piece of content will be shared.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Creating, planning, and distributing content based on a developed content strategy with an accompanying annual plan requires a lot of time and effort. We can support and advise you through all the steps of the process. Together with you, we'll look at the right tools and determine the direction you want to take with your content strategy.


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