Google News Presents: SearchOn'22

Last Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Google hosted the SearchOn'22 event, where the latest developments from the search giant were presented. We were there on behalf of Snakeware, and in this blog, we'll provide you with a brief summary of the innovations from Google Search that are either currently available or coming soon.


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Google Relies More on Artificial Intelligence for Search Results: Google Lens

Searching is becoming more "natural," just like how you might point at something and ask your companion if they know more about it. Google is making search results more natural by allowing you to use your camera to find relevant search results. Point your camera at a product, and Google will provide you with related search results.


Use your camera to search for what you see, and Google will provide you with answers. Ask your question using your voice, or hum a song to identify it. Google understands you and brings together all forms of information. Google's expertise in artificial intelligence assists in various areas. They understand you better and offer increasingly diverse results.


More Diverse Search Results with Multi Search

Google's Multi Search allows you to add text alongside an image, screencapture, or Google Lens visual, improving the accuracy of search results. Multi Search supports up to 70 different languages, making it easier to find difficult search combinations. For example, you can search for a handbag in the shape of a bagel using a photo of breakfast as a query.


We tried it out, and it's quite enjoyable to do. We decided to search for a guitar and used a photo of a banana. It's impressive how Google manages to make the right connections in such cases.


Search Results


The automatic suggestion of a keyword, with commonly related search terms, is being expanded further. Multi Search is an excellent resource for Keyword Research, helping you enhance the visibility of your organization or business.


There is also Multi Search 'Near me,' which allows you to take a photo or screenshot to quickly find businesses or places in your vicinity. This feature helps you connect with businesses nearby more efficiently.



Google Lens AR translate

The translation of images is the next impressive capability that Google is further refining. With this feature, you can translate text within an image. The text on the image will be displayed in the language of your choice, allowing you to read it. Importantly, this translation doesn't alter the background or design of the image, ensuring it remains consistent with your company's branding.



Google Search app for IOS

Within Android, Google is widely integrated, while for iOS, Google offers a Search App. With this app, you can look up products from your screenshots, translate text using your camera, and find music by humming or singing.


When you start typing your query in the search bar, Google will assist you by suggesting relevant follow-up words. This can be helpful when you're trying to refine your question further.


What does Google help you with?

  • Google makes it easier to ask questions.
  • Searching becomes easier as you can get a better understanding and feeling of something by using images.
  • Google presents the results of your search queries in new ways.


Enhanced local visibility with Google Maps

Through satellites, antennas, and 'Street View,' Google displays your location and provides directions to your destination. Google continues to add more data to this feature.


Search in real time with Live View in Google Maps

Search in real time while you're on the go. See what's happening around you at that moment. As a business, you become visible in real time when someone is nearby. Google makes this increasingly visual by placing images and videos on the map.


Google is making online shopping easier

In a competition with Amazon, Google is increasingly developing its 'shopping graph' with handy new features. With Google's shopping graph, the online shopping experience becomes simpler and more visual. In image search, the 'price tag' has long indicated that the displayed item is for sale.


Google is now adding relevant news to it. Google also displays related products that complete your look or shows you similar products that are popular with others. You can view products in 3D and get relevant information about the product right away.


When you type 'shop' with the product you're looking for, you'll see various online stores where you can buy the product.


Here's an example: A photo of a watch on my wrist yields the following result. Google knows exactly which model it is and where it's available for purchase. Also, note the price tag, indicating that you can buy this product there.



So, there are many new features in shopping search results. Be sure to capitalize on this trend toward a more 'visual' search experience. We'd be happy to provide you with all the information you need on how to make your offerings highly visible in this context.


Sustainability is also a focal point for Google

Google helps you live more sustainably through the eco-friendly route feature in Google Maps, which is a route that minimizes gasoline consumption. You can specify the type of vehicle you're driving (diesel, gasoline, hybrid, or electric) in the app, and Google takes this into account.


Additionally, Google provides information on the fuel consumption of cars in search results, allowing you to consider this when making a purchase decision. Google also displays the nearest charging stations for electric vehicles on the map. These are various features to help you choose more sustainable options.


In the images below, you can see an example of an eco-friendly route. It indicates the amount of gasoline you save, and the route takes current traffic conditions into account. You can also change the type of engine in your vehicle so that Google can determine the most eco-friendly route based on that information.


Search Results


Google is giving you more control over the results related to you

You can personally manage which information Google can use to personalize advertisements for you. You can easily disable what Google should not use. Additionally, Google is working on improving controls over what appears online about you. This way, you'll have greater control over your online visibility and privacy.


Google search: A more natural search experience

Google is making the search for information increasingly simple and natural. The input to obtain search results is becoming easier with Artificial Intelligence. Take a photo with your smartphone, and Google provides you with all the relevant information about what's in your photo.


In the results, it offers a continually 'richer' source of information. Text, photos, videos, 3D, and AR content are easily accessible to you, in real-time and, if relevant, in your vicinity.


It's important to adapt to these changes. Have you already created a 'richer' information ecosystem around your company, brand, and offerings? Are your texts, photos, and videos up to date and optimized for the new Google Search experience? We are here to help you get started.


If you'd like to dive deeper into Google's update, you can watch the full presentation here:


Google Presents: Search On '22


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