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Online succes: navigating with a clear strategy and measurable growth

By formulating the right online strategy, you provide online focus that gives clear direction to your organization's online activities, resulting in measurable results. To make this online strategy truly successful, clear definitions, priorities, and choices are essential. If you don't do this, it's like shooting in the vast online domain with no measurable results.


In our view, the online strategy is an extension of the overall business strategy. It translates marketing objectives into online actions, providing direction for the use of the necessary online resources to achieve the goals.


This provides the guidance that is essential for maintaining a consistent vision.

Definition of the online strategy

The online strategy can encompass various goals, ranging from lead generation to gaining insight into customer needs. Once the analysis is complete, you can begin crafting your online strategy. Essentially, this is a process of making choices and setting priorities. Which online target audiences take precedence? What do you want to achieve with them? What online activities are required? What are the functional, financial, and organizational implications? What will the online activities yield for us? What do we do first and what comes later?

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How do you get to the right online strategy

To give substance to the right online strategy, the starting point is:


Definition of the scope

Start met een afbakening van je online strategie. Wat wil je bereiken?


Target groups

Based on the scope, we make a choice of primary and secondary target audiences that we want to reach through online channels.



To gain a clear understanding of the desires and requirements of your online target audiences, it's useful to define personas, which are personifications of your target audience. To be successful online, you need to know what your target audience is interested in and where they spend their time online. What do they think of the current information provided? What are their preferences regarding communication or service? Which processes and information on your website or other online channels are currently popular and why? A persona not only describes personal characteristics but also their leisure activities, areas of interest, online usage and behavior, and any information and communication preferences related to your organization.

Key Performance Indicators

Next, we establish online goals for each target audience. If the goal is, for example, increasing revenue, this can be achieved online by attracting more visitors to the website, working on conversion optimization, or increasing the value of the shopping cart. Improving the position of relevant keywords in Google search results may also be part of the strategy. Additionally, the online strategy may focus on efficiency improvements to reduce costs in the logistics process or support organizational recruitment.

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