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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): transform your web experience

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is not just an app; it's a revolution in web development, transforming websites into full-fledged apps with a seamless user experience. PWAs make browser apps faster, more reliable, and easier to use than ever before, all while reducing ongoing development costs. But what sets PWAs apart from traditional native apps? Let's dive into the world of Progressive Web Apps.


Why PWAs: the vision of Snakeware

A PWA combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity of the web and the power of an app. A Progressive Web App utilizes a single central data source and software platform, loading quickly even on slow networks, and can be used offline. The browser and the device being used ensure an unparalleled experience and capabilities. Moreover, they take up less space than native apps, and ongoing development is more scalable and cost-effective than traditional solutions of creating, publishing, and maintaining websites and native apps in various stores.


For supermarket chains Dirk, DekaMarkt, and Poiesz, Snakeware has successfully developed Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This innovative approach allows these supermarket chains to serve all target audiences, whether through mobile devices by searching for and installing the application via app stores or by using the site directly via desktop or laptop and experiencing the convenience from there. With the PWA, customers have easy and seamless access to this online shopping experience. They benefit from speed, reliability, and ease of use, regardless of the device they are using.

Progessive Web Apps versus Native Apps

Perhaps you are more familiar with Native Apps than a Progressive Web App (PWA). A PWA is directly accessible from the browser, with no installation hassle. Additionally, the PWA is also available through app stores, primarily done to ensure the optimal customer journey for users. A native app is only available through app stores, and the website is always separate from these apps, requiring significant time, money, and effort to keep everything at the same level. This is much better guaranteed with the PWA strategy. Additionally, the benefits of a Progressive Web App (PWA) include:


- Fast Loading Times: PWAs load quickly, even on slow connections, resulting in a seamless user experience.


- Offline Access: A PWA can be used offline, ensuring users always have access regardless of their internet connection.


- Smaller Storage Space: PWAs take up minimal space on devices compared to native apps.


- App Store Accessibility: A Progressive Web App can be integrated with app stores, allowing for a single codebase for both Android and Apple.


- Online Visibility: Because the PWA operates like regular web pages.

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Is a PWA suitable for your organization?

With a PWA, the web experience undergoes a radical transformation. The app offers speed, reliability, and convenience while minimizing obstacles for users. Additionally, just like with native apps, you can leverage the benefits of mobile devices, such as camera access, NFC, payment, or alerts, to enhance and improve the customer journey and engagement with your end-users. So, in addition to a good website through the browser, it provides many additional advantages and convenient communication possibilities in app mode. A win-win for both the organization and the end-user.


At Snakeware, we embrace the power of data and develop flexible solutions using advanced browser technology. We strive for perfection and efficiency through automation and data optimization. Our focus is on enhancing the customer journey, and we see PWAs as the future to ensure sustainable success for our clients. In short, we go beyond traditional boundaries and aim for measurable impact with data and browser technology.


If you're interested in harnessing the power of PWAs for your business or organization, don't hesitate to contact Snakeware. We are here to inspire and inform you as you explore the possibilities that PWAs have to offer.